Cheer, Cheer for SCHS!

SCHS Reunion 2015 is a wrap!

The final buzzer has sounded and the “game” has ended! Final score?

SCHS Beavers 2,400+
Opponents ZERO!!

What a terrific weekend with Coach Honorees, Fellow Classmates, Fellow SCHS Alumni, family and friends. From the firing of the “starting gun” as events flew out of the starting blocks on Friday through to the final lap of the Schedule of Events on Sunday, reminiscing, hugs and laughter were abundant!

Thanks are due the chairpersons of each committee and teammates for the hours and hours of planning to ensure our Beavers alumni and fans returning to Scott City had a fabulous time in their hometown (or former home). These people are too numerous to mention on this home page, but you know who you are. THANK YOU. We are deeply grateful to each of you for your tenacity of spirit, reliability to carry out the task at hand, and your passion for making the SCHS All-School Reunion a fun and memorable event!!

Enjoy reviewing the photos….and share some of your own on the Facebook group. This collaboration only enhances the overall Facebook presence. It will be sometime in 2018 before dates are set for the SCHS All-School Reunion 2020. The new SCHS Alumni board will likely want to review possible dates before publicizing….but stay tuned!!

Thanks also to the hundreds and hundreds of alumni, coaches and families who traveled to Scott City to attend. We honor YOU! We local alumni are acutely aware that we could design a fabulous reunion with the best of intentions…BUT…if you folks don’t register and actually show up….our efforts are for naught! Thank you for choosing to include this trip in your summer travels. GO BEAVERS!

What does Reunion 2020 look like? What’s the chosen theme? Nobody knows today….but you can rest assured we will all enjoy a fabulously planned event that exceeds Reunion 2015! Somehow, it always does!

Blessings to you, Beaver fans. See you in 2020….but, please remember…you are welcome in Scott City ANYTIME!

2015 Reunion Memories

Welcome to the All –School Reunion, July 3 thru July 5 in Scott City, Kansas. The theme for 2015 is: “CHEER, CHEER for SCHS! 1905...2015...TRADITION CONTINUES” featuring decade after decade of SCHS athletics! Come back “home” to share memories with teammates, friends and over 150 coaches invited as guests of the SCHS Alumni Association. The best-laid plans are futile if YOU don’t attend!

The 2015 reunion isn’t just for jocks, cheerleaders, coaches and fans….not hardly! The All-School Reunion is that fantastic collaborative effort by many, many volunteers every five years to compel SCHS alumni to gather across several decades. It is a time to rekindle friendships and make new ones! If you haven’t attended an All-School Reunion in Scott City yet, you’re missing something special….something fun….something that draws over 2,500 people!!

Reunion action begins Friday, July 3, with registration in the Scott Community High School Gymnasium. You can register, enjoy some refreshments and greet your classmates and long-lost friends! Registration will continue through Saturday afternoon.

Tours of SCHS properties, including Darner Field and the newly constructed Field House will run throughout the day on Friday, departing from the SCHS parking lot. The highly-praised Historical Tour will leave the SCHS parking lot at 1:00 PM taking in stops at Battle Canyon, El Quartelejo ruins, and viewing the American Bison herd courtesy of Richard & Susan Duff family at the beautiful Been Ranch.

Some activities taking place during this weekend require pre-registration: Golf Tournament, Dylan Spencer Family Memorial 5K 10K Walk.Run.Roll, Motorcycle & Rod Rally, Mud Volleyball, etc. Some are scheduled for Friday, others on be sure to register early as numbers are limited for some activities.

Past and present coaches have been invited to help us celebrate SCHS Athletic History! They will be honored on Saturday during the parade and ceremony that follows in the SCHS gymnasium. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with former teammates and favorite coaches. Panels (similar to Class Composite panels) that feature the rich traditions and history of SCHS Athletics are the designated Alumni project for the 2015 All-School Reunion. This alumni history preservation project is funded by donations to Alumni Wall. Information about contributing to Alumni Wall is located here. Please consider making a contribution.

A “new” event at the 2010 reunion was Friday night “Dragging Main” which ended up being one of the most enjoyable reunion SCHS alumni and Scott City residents alike! Many classes gather on Friday to prepare floats for the parade Saturday morning. A recent-release movie will be shown in Patton Park at dusk (about 9:45) suitable for families.

Friday evening is wide open for the multitude of class parties and gatherings that are bound to be hosted ALL over town! Restaurants and meetings rooms are booked!! The local watering holes are expecting to be busy! Some of the best hosts in town are planning smaller gatherings in homes. That’s what Reunions are for...reminiscing with classmates and friends.

Saturday starts before dawn with Prayer in the Park, a breakfast and sunrise prayer service at Lake Scott State Park at the site of Easter pageant. The service will conclude in time to participate in the Dylan Spencer Family Memorial 5K 10K Walk.Run.Roll, also at Lake Scott State Park.

"The Reunion Ride" organized by Ed Beckley will kick offCity Park at 9:00 AM. Route will be announced later. Will return in time to either ride as a group in parade or can meet up with your class to ride on Class Float. Prizes and awards to be announced. info on SCHS Reunion website, SCHS Reunion Facebook as date approaches,in Reunion registration packets when you arrive.
Traditional Reunion Parade has been backed off until 11:00 AM to allow runners and rally-goers to ride together or join athletic teams and classmates on a float. Honored guests (coaches) will be treated to a catered lunch prior to the Ceremony and unveiling slated for 1:00 PM in the SCHS gymnasium. The Reunion Sports Committee team are planning a memorable experience for all.

Saturday evening all reunion guests enjoy a delicious dinner of beef with several sides served at the Scott County Indoor Arena starting at 6:00 PM. WEAR YOUR NAME’s your proof of registration. There will be plenty of food and serving lines! There will be MUSIC & DANCING to please ALL AGES of Reunion-goers at the Fairgrounds starting as early as 8:00 PM.
Don't miss out on an opportunity to become a part of Alumni Wall. New plaques and listings for Alumni Wall will be unveiled at Saturday’s ceremony. Donating to this project is a great way to commemorate your graduating class, your family, fellow alumni, teachers, championship teams or other high school events. Contributions of any amount are welcome when combined with your Class or others to go towards a plaque or listing of your designation. For more information about Alumni Wall, contact Lori Krause or Katie Eisenhour at

Coaches Honored

As registrations come in as we get closer to the reunion, we are excited to welcome back many coaches from out of town: Dwight Stoppel (1979-1993), Bill Walker (1979-1992), Kent Craft (1972-1978), Jan Heitschmidt (1965-1967), Laura Schroer (1982-1989), Linda Frick ( 1983-1984), Phil Kite (2007-2008), Don Krebs (1965-1970), Gardner "Ted" Champlin (1980s), Brent Glann (1998-1999), Clive J Sharpe (1969-1972), Grant Glad (1970-1975), Gaylon Walter (1984-2001), Harold Burnett, Patrick Stanley (1988-1991), Mark Wiens (1973-1978), Leon Conway (60s-70s), Bill Blasi (60s), John Doll (90s), Marsha Grothusen (90s-00s), Mark Hantla (70s), Bill Linhart (70s), Marion Vaughn (70s), Max Klitzke (60s). Several other coaches living in Scott City will also be there! Make sure to tell them hello when you see them during reunion weekend!

Lost & Found

During the 2015 Reunion, an alumnus lost a black fanny pack that contained a small digital camera and a silver case holding his hearing aids. It could have been lost on Friday evening at a class gathering. He is a member of the Class of 1956. If you have these items, please bring them to Katie Eisenhour at the SCDC Office, 113 East Fifth. Thank you.

2015 Schedule

Other Events

Alumni Golf Scramble Friday, July 3

SRC Mud Volleyball Tournament, Friday July 3

Historical Tour Friday, July 3

Join us Friday afternoon on July 3rd from 1-5 PM for an exciting Historical Tour that includes a visit to Battle Canyon, the El Quartelejo Ruins, the Monument Rocks and the Duff’s Buffalo Tour. Tour guides Denny Siegrist, of the Scott County Historical Society, and Larry Hoeme will share interesting historical facts at Battle Canyon and the El Quartelejo Ruins as well as historical and geological information at the Monument Rocks National Landmark. The Duff family will treat you to an inspiring hayride through the buffalo herd on the beautiful Been Ranch. Come early! Participants will be departing from the SCHS parking lot at 1:00 PM to board one of two buses, each with a capacity of 45 people. The bus ride between locations will provide an excellent opportunity for you to catch up with old friends and share some history of your own. Payment is $5 as you board the bus. Bottled water and a snack will be provided. The buses will return to SCHS at 5:00 PM. You don’t want to miss this.

Let’s Drag Main! Friday, July 3

While this part of the Reunion is still in flux….we hope it takes on some character and builds intrigue! Each generation dragged Main Street a bit differently than the one before it!! Perhaps clues will lead you to a refreshing glass of lemonade served by local civic group! In 2010, Main Street was lined with folks in lawn chairs taking in the fun too! Get your car dusted off!!

Prayer in the Park, Saturday, July 4

Saturday morning, before dawn, meet at the Big Springs at the State Park for a prayer service. Park at the Easter Pageant site and walk over to the Big Springs. Starting at 5:30 am, we will have a light breakfast followed by prayer, worship, and fellowship and close in time to participate in the Walk.Run.Roll 5K/10K for those entered in the race. To plan food for breakfast, please RSVP to Rogene (Riner) Gutshall at 970-630-1631 or If you are unable to attend, you can also send prayer requests to the contact information listed above.

Dylan Spencer Family Memorial 5K 10K Walk.Run.Roll, Saturday, July 4

The race will be held at Lake Scott north of Scott City. Take north Hwy 83 ten miles to Hwy 95 north five miles to the Lake Scott entrance. Registration will take place in the Big Grove area, veering right after pay station. The 5km run will be contested on an out and back course along the west side of Lake Scott while the 10km will be contested on a beautiful and interesting single loop course. Both courses will be measured and certified by USATF. Questions? Visit the race website or contact Pam Caldwell at the Foundation by calling (620) 872-3790 or email

The Reunion Ride, Saturday, July 4

Saturday morning, interested riders and rodders will check in at Patton Park (City Park) at 9:00 AM. Will return in time to either ride as a group in parade or can meet up with your class to ride on Class Float. Will be prizes and awards to be announced. More information to come on the SCHS Reunion Facebook page closer to the Reunion and in registration packets when checking in for the Reunion. Please direct questions to Linda Dunagan. Organizers: Ed Beckley and Linda Dunagan